Our New Studio
In the summer of 2004 we started building a new studio.  This was to be twice the size of the old one.  In order to keep classes going all during the construction I decided to build it over the existing one and then tear the old one down from beneath.  This would be possible only if I designed 9 foot ceilings into the new structure.  Also we would have to landscape a earthen bank back about 20 feet and remove about 15 pine trees, some of which were very large.  

Since I  just had spinal fusion surgery, I would not be able to do much of the work myself.  I contracted out the concrete work, rough-in, exterior painting, roofing, interior walls and my students and I did the footing ditches, demolition, electrical, floors and interior trim, fixtures and painting.  It was a school effort both in labor and loss of the usual classroom comforts during a period of  five months of constuction. 

My heart-felt gratitude goes out to all those that participated and continue to support this venture.  Below are images showing the progress of the new studio.
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Clearing bank of trees to make room for new studio.
Removing lots of medium size pines.
Backhoe clears bank  back and cuts in terraces
Area claeared for new studio. Old shop seen on left.
Shredder chips up limbs.
Footing area cleared.
Dennis helps dig footers.
Finished footer by Dennis
Rebar in footers for South retainer wall.
Slab footers with rebar on East end.
Slab footers with rebar on S.E. corner.
Form built for retainer walls.
South view of retainer walls with old shop still in place.
Concrete being pumped from the street to retainer walls. 1
Concrete being pumped from the street to retainer walls. 2
Retainer wall starts to bulge.
We have a situation here! 
Get the jacks quick.
Shoring up the forms with lumber and jacks.
Poured wall with gravel over drains and sealed.
Floor slab footing ready for pouring manually.  fig.1
Floor slab footing ready for pouring manually.  fig.2
Loading the wheel barrows for maual pouring.
Slab poureed and smoothed out.
Slab poureed and old shop ready to be built over.
Ripping out the interior of the old shop.
Old shop insulation ripped out.
Sub-contractors start building  new frame over the old one.
New frame going up on the south side.
Roof going up on the new studio.
Roof  and siding going up on the new studio.
Old shop ripped out from under and ready for the trash dump.
Cliff fixes flat on his trailer.
Cheers! One load ready to go to the dump.
No classes misses but we had to use lamps on extension cords to carve.
Diggin in the ribs Andy brought to class.
Andy carves while Donnie takes aim on a rib.
Oh heck with class, Let's just eat ribs.
First class in new constuction is more comradery than carving. Fun stuff.
The ladies have class in my living room one time.
South view with moisture barrier and roof on.
West view with moisture barrier and roof on.
Finishing up with the siding. South view
Finishing up with the siding. East view
Looking good from up the hill.
Interior ready for wiring.
Interior of new studio looking South-east.
Interior of new studio looking West.
Interior of new studio looking ot back door.
Sub-contractor hangs insulation and ceiling.
Doe visits back yard while pregnant with twins.
Sunny and  Peach wonder what's going on.
Rick, Al and Bill supervise light hanging.
Joe and Donnie hang lights.
Center table I built after laying the flooring.
Joe. Bill amd Donnie at Tuesday night in new studio.
A Tour Around the New Studio.
View from south-east corner.
Hog heaven. Roughout corner.
Hog heaven wall.
Tool time in hog heaven.
For your eyes only!
Painting section.
View from East wall.
View from East wall.Reference wall.
View of Sout-west wall.
Instructor carving station #1.
Instructor carving station #2.
Instructor's corner.
What's behind the green door?
Pattern section.
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