Answering the questions below honestly is important to being accepted as an online student and insures your chances of success with the instruction. 

The online conferencing program Zoom is explained in the video below.
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Have you had any formal wildfowl carving instruction in the past?   Describe Please.

How many hours can you spend per week carving? 

Do you have a shop or carving workplace? 
What equipment or tools do you use or are willing to acquire?

What project(s) are you currently working on? Describe please.

Do you have a recent model desktop, laptop, or medium to large size pad?

Can you do basic computer skills such as email, texting, downloading and sending and receiving       images via email, or text.?  

Do you have an external web camera in addition to the device camera or are you willing to acquire one for the online program?

Do you have a good internet connection?   How close is your computer or device to your workplace?

When submitting this form please elaborate on the same email about your special interests in regard to wildfowl carving.

Thank you and I will get in touch with you after I receive this form. 
My phone is 919-673-4430.  if you have any immediate questions. I would be happy to hear from you.  


You will receive an email upon acceptance to provide your payment choices.

1. Two scheduled classes per week via video conferencing.

2. Free 30 min carving consultation period every Wednesday 9pm - 5pm.

3. Group meeting with all students on Saturday 10am - 12pm.

4. Instructor always available via text for questions.

5. Video and slideshow demonstrations by Vic Kirkman that relate to your project.

6. Over 50 taxidermy mounts and thousands of wildfowl reference images available.

7. Vic has a collection of carvings in various stages and teaches his original Eighths System bird carving technique to achieve symmetry and realism.

8. 29 years of teaching experience and 15 years teaching online classes.

9. Cameras in studio for different views of the teaching from the Zoom video conferencing program.

10. Automated scheduling and notification reminders.

12. School Facebook page and owner of the BIRD CARVERS ONLINE Facebook group with over 2200 members.